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HB 2 Legislative Scorecard

During the 83rd regular legislative session, anti-choice lawmkers filed more than sixteen bills that would have restricted Texans’ access to abortion and contraception. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas was there every day speaking out against these bills and working with our pro-choice elected officials to stop them, while championing legislation that would improve reproductive healthcare across the state. As a result of these efforts, no significant bills restricting reproductive health care access made it to the floor of either chamber for a vote.

However, during the call for the first and second special sessions, Gov. Perry thwarted the rules and added abortion regulation, which led to the passage of a detrimental omnibus abortion restriction bill that now threatens to close at least 90% of the clinics in Texas, leaving thousands of women without access to health care. While the debate over House Bill 2 raged, it became clear that many lawmakers not only want to control women’s reproductive choices, but also oppose efforts to improve the lives and wellbeing of Texans.

To come up with each individual score, we took into account not only a ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ vote on House Bill 2, but how legislators voted on the individual amendments. To simplify the scores, we have created seven basic categories for the amendments.

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