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Texans Disappointed in Perry for Signing HB2

Texas women will suffer from one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws

Austin, TX—Today Gov. Perry signed HB2 into law, signaling his disregard for the reproductive lives of Texas women. "This law – one of the most restrictive in the nation – will harm Texas women by drastically reducing access to abortion care and creating insurmountable barriers to access for some of the most vulnerable women in this state,” said Heather Busby, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas.

"Not only will this bill cause the closure of at least 37 of the 42 abortion clinics in the state, leaving the entire border region without access to a single safe and legal abortion facility, it will also unfairly restrict abortions in early pregnancy through the outdated and onerous medical abortion protocols,” stated Busby. "Nothing in this law will improve women’s health and safety,but if allowed to go into effect, it will create a public health crisis. We at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas are deeply disappointed in Gov. Perry and the anti-choice lawmakers for playing politics with women’s health.”

HB2 is a gross infringement on reproductive rights, but by continuing to push these restrictions – which failed to pass twice this year – Gov. Perry and anti-choice lawmakers have awakened a strong pro-choice movement in Texas that will only continue to grow. "What we saw at the state capitol over the last month is a clear indication that Texans have had enough,” said Busby. 

"We have not only inspired Texans to speak up against these draconian measures, but I believe we’ve inspired people across the nation who are tired of all the attacks on our reproductive freedom.”


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