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Statement of Judge Yeakelís Decision in Planned Parenthood v. Abbott

For Immediate Release

Press Contact: Heather Busby 512-680-5141

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is pleased with Judge Yeakelís decision in Planned Parenthood v. Abbott to strike down the admitting privileges requirement as unconstitutional. However, we are disappointed that he upheld the medical abortion protocols in HB2. We hope that on appeal, the Fifth Circuit will put the best interests of the women of Texas above personal and political beliefs and uphold the lower courtís ruling to strike the admitting privileges requirement. These regulations are not only an undue burden on women, but endanger the health and safety of the people of this state.

The medical abortion protocols required in HB2 are a thirteen-year-old FDA label that is no longer commonly used because there is a newer, evidence-based method proven to be safer, more effective and with fewer side effects. It makes no sense why the Texas Legislature would want to interfere this heavily into the practice of medicine and require doctors to follow protocols that arenít in the best interest of their patients, except that the additional trips to the clinic that would be required would make it insurmountably difficult for women to afford a medical abortion. Women will undoubtedly face additional burdens and be forced to take the medication in a way that is less safe, less effective and has more side effects.

HB2 is one of the most extreme, restrictive abortion laws passed in this country and it is meant to make abortion more difficult for women to attain. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas will continue to fight this law and work to improve the climate for abortion access in Texas, so that no woman will feel forced to take matters into her own hands. All Texans deserve access to the full range of reproductive health options and all Texans deserve to decide for themselves what is best for their lives, their families and their own bodies.

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